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A simple, and enjoyable, answer to ‘What to do in France in a motorcar?’ would be to take a leisurely drive on quiet country roads, buy a French loaf, cheese, ham and a bottle of claret and have a roadside picnic but this book has alternative, and more complex, suggestions that will certainly be useful to those taking a motoring holiday in either a vintage or modern car. The author, who lives in Paris, lists and describes motor museums, shows and tours, race circuits and other motoring related venues and events.

The book is divided into regions, starting with Paris and the Ile-de-France, making it easy to find an event or attraction in the locality and ideas there are a-plenty to while away a holiday. Paris hosts a number of motor shows, the most important being Retromobile for classic cars and Mondial de l’Automobile for those with more modern tastes, and practical information listed for every entry includes approximate dates, web address, public transport and a map reference. If shopping is a vital part of your trip there are some useful entries, for example, if the motoring bookshelf is not already straining then a visit to Doc’Auto in Paris might be worthwhile where visitors will find thousands of books to browse. One surprise is the number of ‘race’ tracks there are in France, many of which are used for training and track days rather than competition. The wide variety of museums should also prove interesting for vintage car enthusiasts and the reviewer admits to never having heard of many of them.

To sum up a worthwhile book that anyone going on holiday to France, or just visiting for a weekend, should definitely buy and take in the glove-box or door pocket.

Definitely recommended.