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March 2015 Issue Editors Pick
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Our favourite this month is a guide which is as indispensable as it is original…
Motoring travel guide
Here’s an idea which is as simple as it is essential: a book which brings together all the places that might appeal to car fanatics in France! Contrary to what one might think, it had never been done before. Indeed, for the moment the initiative is that of a publisher and author who are both English; a French translation of the work is not currently planned. That said, all enthusiasts really should buy it. Who hasn’t missed out on the chance, when away for a weekend or on holiday, to visit a racetrack, a collection of cars or a specialist dealer because they didn’t know the address, or even that it existed at all? All the museums, which are often very interesting but which are attract too few visitors, particularly come to mind. As do the many regional shows, which are sometimes overshadowed by the big events like Rétromobile or Epoqu’Auto. A book to be kept carefully in your glove box, all the more so because the price is very reasonable.