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Motoring books

Veloce Publishing – fine automotive books, ebooks, and apps
The publisher of France: The Essential Guide for Car Enthusiasts, Veloce has been producing automotive books for almost a quarter of a century, and its titles cover everything automotive – too much to list here, in fact, so checkout the websites (Veloce Digital is its dedicated digital editions and apps site)
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Travel info / Driving

An essential resource for anyone planning a trip to France
As well as much helpful advice, information, and tips for driving in France (and much more besides), offers an 'All in one travel kit' that provides everything you need to ensure you comply with French driving laws. You can also purchase a copy of the guide from the website ... head over to the website and see for yourself!
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Travel info / Driving
Comprehensive information on the French autoroute network, including current toll charges, and FM 107.7 Motorway Radio, its own radio channel offering live travel updates and travel news.
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Travel info / Driving

Bison Futé
Advice on traffic conditions during busy holiday periods and alternative routes to avoid the jams.
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Travel info / Driving

SANEF Tolling
For regular travellers from the UK to France, information on how to buy the ‘Liber-t’ toll tag to pass through autoroute toll booths across the country.
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Motoring Art

François Bruère
The official artist of the Le Mans 24 Hours race, François Bruère brings his unmistakeable style to classic and sports cars of all periods.
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Travel info / Driving

The Complete Resource For Young & First Time Drivers In The UK
This online guide from Hendy, the premium dealership group, has been created for young and first time UK drivers. With important facts and figures regarding young drivers in the UK, tips and advice to help young people pass the UK theory and practical driving tests, info to help you improve you driving skills, such as dealing with tiredness, road rage, night driving, or driving in poor conditions, it's a great resource. It also has useful car maintenance, road tax, and insurance tips that every young driver must know
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Motoring Art

Rob Roy
Robert de la Rivière (1909-1992), known as Rob Roy, was a painter of vintage racing cars at races across France. Enjoy his paintings here, or order a print for your own home.
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Travel info / Accomodation

Bed and Historic Motors
A guide to accommodation throughout Europe with a difference: 110 sites chosen for the special welcome they reserve for owners of classic and sports cars.
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Shows & Tours

Classic Grand Touring
Classic Grand Touring is a well-established UK-based organizer of trips to some of the biggest events in France, known for their friendly atmosphere.
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Shows & Tours

J2C Events
J2C Events is a new organizer of road trips for owners of classic cars, but led by a highly experienced team. Their first destinations include Burgundy and the Loire Valley
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La Vie de l’Auto
Worried about breaking down in your classic in France? Help is at hand from these friendly enthusiasts, thanks to La Vie de l’Auto. Follow the link to a map of over 260 addresses, complete with phone numbers

Point de chute LVA 2015
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Paris & the Ile‑de‑France

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4 roues sous 1 parapluie
What better way for a car-lover to tour the sights of Paris than in a Citroën 2CV?
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Travel info / Driving

Air Quality Certificate Service
If you're heading to Paris, you'll need a CRIT' Air sticker … pick them up from here:
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Western France

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Classic car hire / Tours

Rétro Émotion
Tour the Loire Valley at the wheel of a classic Citroën or Renault, with accommodation and gourmet meals all included.
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Southern France

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Shows & Tours

Rallye Jean Behra Historique
A regularity event which pays tribute to the racing driver, Jean Behra, who was born in Nice. It is organised by the Automobile Club de Nice, founded in 1896.
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Market Place

Stanislas Machoïr
Close to Toulouse, this expanding auction house specialises in classic cars… and fine wines.
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Central France & the Alps

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Classic car hire / Tours

ClassicArverne organise made-to-measure tours in the Auvergne in one of its fleet of classic cars.
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Market Place

Michelin Collectors’ Store
Toys, models and memorabilia of all kinds to celebrate the Michelin Man.
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North-East France

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Classic car hire / Tours

My Classic Automobile
Make the most of your visit to Mulhouse with a journey through Alsace at the wheel of a post-war sports car.