Mazda RX-8

The Essential Buyer's Guide


Don't buy a Mazda RX-8 without first buying this book!

Tempted by Mazda’s unique RX-8, but unsure where to start? Having this book in your pocket is just like having a rotary expert by your side. Spot a bad car quickly, and learn how to assess a promising car like a professional. Buy the right car at the right price!

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  • Covers first and second generation models, including R3
  • Includes special editions in UK and US, such as the PZ
  • The unique rotary driving experience – is it for you?
  • Key checks – how to spot a bad car quickly
  • Comprehensive inspection guide
  • Key rotary engine issues, including hot starting and flooding
  • What rebuilding the rotary engine entails
  • After-market upgrades and modifications – to look for, and avoid!
  • Real-world running costs, based on author's own experience
  • Details of independent specialists, clubs and online support

The last rotary-engined car built, Mazda’s RX-8 provides a unique driving experience. Until you’ve tried one, it’s hard to imagine how smooth its free-revving engine really is, or how enjoyable its handling. With comfortable space for four, it can be practical too.

Like most Japanese cars, the RX-8 is generally well built, but the rotary engine can suffer from hot starting and rotor tip wear issues, which can prove expensive to put right. Extensive back-up from owner forums and independent specialists – listed in the guide – mean that these problems can be addressed, but choosing a good RX-8 requires care.

This guide will help you do just that. Understand the differences between models, and learn what to look for when buying one. What are the true running costs, and does the need for a new engine mean the end to your dreams? What other issues – with the mechanicals, body or interior – should you look out for? Follow the advice of an experienced RX-8 owner and benefit from his research among owners and specialists in Europe and North America.

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V4867 • Paperback • 19.5x13.9cm • £12.99 • 64 pages • 100 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-845848-67-5 • UPC: 6-36847-04867-9